CC-solutions is an up and coming accounting company. Our challenge here was to make an interesting film that potential clients would enjoy viewing, even though accountancy is not their main subject of interest.


Instead of focusing on how CC-solutions solves your problem, we focused on the benefits you will get from hiring CC-solutions. To keep it simple and comprehensible we focused on one aspect: Time. The whole project was shot in one day, in Køge, Denmark.


The final video consists of a negative and a positive part. The first half – also the soundtrack – is played backwards. In the middle it stops to turn positive and forward-moving. The effects and the atmosphere of the video aim to draw the client towards an otherwise tedious subject.



Production Company: Artbox
Director of Photography: Kasper Jack Larsen
Director: Thomas Meldgaard
Editor: Thomas Meldgaard
Grip: Steffen Benger
Colorist: Steffen Benger
Lighting Technician: Kasper Jack Larsen
Composer: Henrik Been
Production Assistant: Valentina Marterer


Oliver Revensdorff
Michael Jöhncke
Puk Munk
Noah Wiinblad
Lauge Wiinblad
Martin Koch
Dina Munch Rasmussen
Pia Solvig
Mathias Kragskov
Ulrich Borup

Technical Specifications

Camera: Sony PMW-F5 CineAlta.

Canon EF 28mm f/1.8
Samyang EF 35mm f/1.4